Reaching remission

ImageYou never realise how unwell you’ve been until finally you’re feeling healthy again, It’s a strange thing to say but It’s true for many IBDers! Before reaching remission I spent many months battling my colitis on a day to day basis. Its such an over-whelming relief to finally feel normal again, not having the struggle to drag myself out of bed for university or work when I’m feeling so fatigued, to be able to workout and feel full of energy instead of feeling half dead afterwards, to be able to see my weight I had lost pile back on and to see my body develop into something I’ve been working so hard on… To not be woken up in the middle of the night with chronic pain which makes me fear going to the toilet is a feeling is that I can’t even explain, It’s priceless!

To not have to plan my day around using the toilet, which most ALL of us IBD suffers have to do in massive flares. Everywhere I went I always made sure I was near a toilet, anywhere new I went, I would scan the place to find It and make sure I had good access too it. Its crazy I know, and looking back it makes me pretty upset, It ruled my life and it dragged me down. Every decision I made I always thought about my colitis first, when really I shouldn’t have to have such a big worry at such a young age. No one other than an IBD sufferer understands the fear of passing blood 20+ times a day knowing that everyday that passes your health is deteriorating even more, Its a feeling I’m all too familiar with.

I’m so grateful and happy to finally see my colitis in remission, but I still have many fears that come with this but at the moment I’m enjoying life and not letting it ruin my confidence!

The only way is up! keep fighting IBDers x