WHAM… Goodbye Large Intestine.

So… Infliximab was going soooo well until wham… I had the most horrendous flare up leaving me hospitalized for 10 days In August. This was where I had a turning point towards my attitude to surgery…. I just could NOT deal with any more set backs, pain, and treatments. IĀ discussed my options with a number of GI consultants at the Royal Cornwall Hospital and they all believed my best option was to go for J-pouch surgery… In 3 stages. So the 1st which I’ve just had 15 days ago was the total removal of my nasty colon bar around 6-8inches at the bottom to prepare for the creation of my J-pouch which is the second surgery! (alot to digest I know…. ) The third surgery will be the take down of my Ileostomy and connecting to my J-pouch... and WHAMM.. Ill have a functioning new bowel šŸ˜‰ clever Isn’t it!

Here’s a picture to help explain! It explains the operations in 2 stages but you’ll get the idea of the end result to those who don’t understand..

Adapting to living with a Ileostomy Is also going very well (so far so good) I’m only 15 days post op and I feel amazing, before this surgery I was using the bathroom 20+ times a day! Now I’m hardly In there ! Its given me my life back.. and I know when I get back to my normal routine Ill be able to achieve so much more! Why was I so against this surgery? Jesus, I FEEL ALIVE. Post surgery, I do have to admit I was very Ill I didn’t eat for days and I constantly felt sick… but that’s just because I’m rubbish post surgery (can’t handle the drugs ha) Now I’m eating everything In sight… Day by day I’m Improving and getting stronger... but I still have to take it easy, its only early days and I’m still finding a number of daily tasks impossible ! (I’m so inpatient) I just want to get up and go! but just getting up from a chair, bed or even my bath tub Is the hardest task I’ve ever faced :/

The only thing so far which has got me down Is being unable to Train, bodybuilding had become my lifestyle…. I’ll get into how bodybuilding has helped me cope with this illness In another blog… ( It would be far too much to write!) but seriously I’m itching to train!

Any advice/hints & tips on living with an Ileostomy I would be soooo grateful to know of! so If you could pop me a comment or an email: zoeywright10@hotmail.co.uk that would be great!