‘Stay patient and trust your journey’

After meeting with my surgeon a couple of days ago I came out of the appointment with very mixed emotions. I’m just over 8 weeks post op and I’m very comfortable with my stoma ‘Dory.’ And I’m in no rush to have the stoma taken away yet, seriously … I never thought I would ever be typing/saying these words. But its true, my stoma has given me my life back in so many ways its unbelievable.

The mixed emotions I was faced with was my surgeon’s opinion on body-building and weightlifting with a stoma. He’s worried that I will develop a hernia If I lift as much as I did prior to surgery .. support belt or no support belt he still thinks Ill be taking a risk. But with a J-pouch I’ll be able to continue to bodybuild & weightlift worry free but that surgery comes with risks I really need to think about.. right now I’m just happy with the way I am.

This means mixing up my training and avoiding heavy lifts. I need to know my limits and my god it’s going to be hard. 

Just before my total colectomy op I was able to hit my goal of a 120kg (19 stone) Squat with the encouragement from my Partner and good friends from the Gym,  I know when I return they will continue to push me to achieve my new goals. These are the people who motivate me the most in life because they have the same passion for training as me, we’re all on the same journey chasing personal bests and always creating new goals. 

Today I went to the GYM and did some very light chest & triceps work (IT FELT AMAZING) My surgeon doesn’t want me to over do It and has advised me to wait a couple weeks before going back to my normal (avoiding heavy lifts)  body-building routine … whilst waiting for my support belt I’ve decided myself to do exercises with light weights in which won’t strain my abdominal area (before I go insane) But at the same time I need to ‘trust my journey and stay patient.’

Getting back Into my body-building diet Is a challenge in itself, after 2 years of relying on Prednisolone to keep me well  which made me  hungry 24/7 I’m finding it hard to find my appetite to stomach certain foods, my gym diet hasn’t really changed at all other than having to cook my vegetables thoroughly as the skin can cause blockages to my stoma (which is very painful) . To perform In the gym Its vital you eat to fuel your performance, getting the right balance of nutrients will help me avoid becoming fatigued which could lead to injury. I need to just open up and eat it, I have goals to smash and without food I’ll get nowhere!  

Whilst not being at the gym when I hit 4/5 weeks post op I started doing some light abdominal exercises (4/5 weeks was when my pain had eased and my wounds had closed up) my posture had really suffered from surgery and my lower back had become strained from being hunched over. The core work really helped reactivate my abdominal muscles and took the strain off my lower back.

Everyones different post op so If you were to start exercising always speak to your nurses, GI’s and surgeons first. Always listen to their advice and don’t push yourself to hard, listen to your body and as hard as it is stay patient.

Ill post more about my journey of getting back to body-building when I start setting new goals! Happy belated new year, lets make 2015 our year and make the impossible POSSIBLE! 


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