12 weeks post surgery: Diet, bodybuliding & measurements

As I’ve mentioned In a previous blog my diet hasn’t changed much at all now that I’m living with a Stoma.

But I have had problems with certain foods already, sweetcorn actually hospitalized me for a day a few weeks after surgery... seriously becoming blocked with a Stoma is so painful.. I’ve also had issues with coconut water and recently kidney beans which both resulted in me vomiting a lot. I never normally have problems with kidney beans but I believe this time was because 1. they wasn’t cooked well enough and 2. I ate it way to fast… Now I have a Stoma their is no such thing as  a quick bite to eat, I have to make my portions smaller and chew like mad. (this took some getting use too!)

Because I bodybuild my diet is important, when I was suffering with colitis I wasn’t able to absorb the nutrients I needed… I mean everytime I ate I would have to use the toilet straight after sometimes even half way through so eating out was sometimes ALWAYS awkward. Someday’s I would go atleast 20 + times aday (mostly all it would be was clots of blood) and my god each time was painful as hell(sorry for the info haha)   So having a Stoma means I can now absorb everything I need! My output Is very slow with the help of Loperamide (Imodium) and makes my life so much easier. No more pain, no more nutritional deficiencies and no more worries!

As you can see In the picture below my food Is pretty basic, The top photo Is  a couple days food prep! and the bottom Is an amazing omelette I made the other day! As you can see….. I have red peppers with it ! I’ve not long introduced them back into my diet as I was worried about blockages etc but I can now say if they are fully cooked they are absolutely fine!

InstaShot_20150126_124410 InstaShot_20150125_124544

I’ve only started taking measurements again! I did take Post op ones… but because I’ve recently moved I have seemed to have miss placed my measurements! But here are a couple I took last week (Sorry about my handwriting)


I’m currently weighting only between 60-61.5 kg which Is a massive drop to my weight before my surgery, but I did expect this and that is why before my surgery I upped my calorie Intake and managed to go under the knife at 66kg! Its impressive that I gained weight as well as being In a massive flare..  My normal weight Is around 63/64kg so after a couple weeks of training and eating I should hit this goal!

Finally … I’ve recently received my gym support belt I ordered with the help from my Stoma nurses too, which really Isn’t great at all, so I had to visit them again and order another which hopefully Is  going to be alot better. Because of my figure the support belt rolled up at the back and made the support belt very uncomfortable. I need something which Is going to move with me as well as supporting me so I’m hoping this next one will do that! Once I have a proper suitable belt I can start doing exercises heavier (but only at a moderate level)


3 thoughts on “12 weeks post surgery: Diet, bodybuliding & measurements

  1. Sherrill says:

    I’m really interested to follow your posts. I had surgery in 2011 and chose in 2013 to have the ileostomy made permanent. My life is so much better now and I also blog about my stoma journey (http://ostomychampagnelifestyle.com). But I am yet to come across a female who weightlifts and eats right so I will be so interested to see how you get on. Remember it is still early days for you and your are doing great already! I lift weights and wear a support belt and touch wood, so far so good (I am not a bodybuilder so obviously don’t lift anywhere near as heavy as you) but my PT knows I have a stoma so we can work with it. As for diet, sweet corn was always the devil for me and would cause me issues, I have just started to introduce it again and so far (touch wood again!) it’s been ok, peppers, kidney beans and all those things I eat with ease so it does get better/easier the longer you have it. Well done on getting back out there and being so positive 🙂

  2. sophiachancehyett says:

    Hey 🙂 I found your blog through Twitter and it was so interesting to read. I could relate to so much of what you said. I’m a bit like you in that meds have pretty much stopped working, I’ve been on pred for a year and a half (now just on a tiny dose) but my consultant has wanted me to have surgery since I started the pred; permanent illesotomy. So far I’ve managed to avoid it but I know i’ll have to do it at some point. In the mean time, I’m trying to do all I can to get my Crohns back on track to prevent surgery. Im really trying to sort my diet out and train more. Think it’ll help my Crohns, but I also wanna get stronger. Do you mind if I email you to get some advice on the kind of things you eat that didn’t effect your stomach before you had surgery? Would be so helpful to talk to someone in the same position as me 🙂 Thanks, Sophia.

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