The Importances of a support belt & weight belt whilst training with a stoma!

🔝( A Photo before surgery ! )

Before my surgery I always wore a weightlifting belt on heavy lifts, but now its even more vital that I wear one, even for a weight I never normally ‘use’ to not wear one for. Due to the major surgery that is involved with removing the bowel your abdominal muscles take a beating, they pull your small intestine through your stomach muscles to the surface of your skin! So no matter how much core work you do… there will always be weakness around the stoma!

If you strain to much during anysort of exercise it could cause a hernia, which Is not an ideal situation you want to find yourself in.

Now, I have a support belt I wear every single gym session, it gives me a firm support but isn’t too tight that its uncomfortable, it also hides my ileostomy very well 🙂
(here it is below)

but for compound lifts such as deadlifts/bend over rows (see pic below)


I wear a weightlifting belt which is very tight so I don’t advice wearing it for a long period of time with your stoma but whilst doing a set I find it perfect, all the strain is forced into the belt and my core Isn’t exerted.
As well as wearing a weightlifting belt before doing any sort of heavy compound movement I would advice you to practice your form and technique because this is where an injury could be caused.

Im 16 weeks post surgery so Im avoiding real heavy lifts, and Ill probably still stick to this, the risk of a hernia Is just to high and I wouldn’t want anymore set backs In my training.

Also! I quick update on my weight…. on the 22/01/15 I was 60.9kg I am now 63.6kg! And its not prednisone weight… feeling very healthy and happy 🙂


16 awkwardly funny things which will happen after Ileostomy surgery

1. It will take you FOR EVER to change your bag, I mean seriously I timed myself at 6 weeks post op… 18minutes… what was I even doing?

2. Aswell as adjusting to living with a bag you also have to give yourself time to heal.. so don’t try dancing to the latest hits… I know you feel well now your horrid colon is out… but trust me don’t do it.

3. Believing that if you put too much pressure on the bag it will pop… trust me, one of my biggest fears! Haha

4. Buying a whole new wardrobe and using ‘you have no bowel’ as an excuse to your parents, partner and yourself ! Now I’m skint..

5. I don’t know if its just me… or did anyone else find it fascinating watching your stoma poop… ? Tbh i still do this haha

6. You will name your Stoma, I have named my ‘Dory’ well.. I didn’t my step dad and mum did!! Now when Dory farts they can curse at her not me 😉

7. Talking of farts…. yes we do still kinda fart.. (obviously not out of our butts) and the 1st couple of weeks post op your stoma will give it some! its pretty funny, its the element of surprise I find amusing

8. People will ask awkward questions, its ok, they don’t have a clue… at one stage we didn’t either! Best explanation ‘i now poop in this bag’ keep it simple I say 😉

9. You will get some people who talk to your stomach… like im sure Dory loves the attention but mate… its 2015 these ileostomy bags are made to appear invisible under clothing.. please stop.

10. The family member who can’t seem to get gasp of the reason why you had the surgery even after explaining it 20 times … ‘my body was attacking my bowel…’ fuck it I give up, I have a bag deal with it ! I AM..

11. Trying to figure out what all the products are… like ‘washers’ this sounds to me like something you use to ‘wash’ your stoma with … NO its a moldable ring that looks like a doughnut!? Wtf…. MIND IS CONFUSED


12. trying to bend over without squashing your stoma… just stop it and squash it, don’t give yourself Back ache… the stoma can deal with alot of shit… no pun intended.

13.  Everytime you seat down or stand up you end up feeling yourself up to check its still there… In public you will get some strange looks 😉

14. Poking around to check that your stoma hasn’t gone underneath the bag….

15. Spraying so much before and after emptying you’ve probably going to develop asthma …. my lungs smell like Impluse.

16. Becoming blocked and thinking… like seriously I had my colon removed because I couldn’t stop … now I can’t start … WHY just WHYYYY!

Dina Moussa – ‘My battle with Ulcerative Colitis’


A big thank you to Zoey for sharing my Ulcerative Colitis story on her blog.
My name is Dina and I was diagnosed November, 2009 with severe ulcerative pancolitis. I was sick for many months before a doctor could tell me what exactly was wrong with me. I was passed off from doctor to doctor with just a general diagnosis of chronic Entamoeba histolytica and that it would pass. By the time I saw my new family doctor, I was suffering from severe weakness, abdominal pain, severe diarrhea, frequent bloody BM’s, cramping, anxiety etc etc etc. He immediately sent me for 10 vials of blood work testing me for everything and I was finally told to get a colonoscopy and was diagnosed with severe chronic ulcerative pancolitis. I knew I would never be the same again.
I was put on 20 mg Prednisone and weaning off 5 mg a week along with a medication called Penatasa (mesalamine), which helps reduces inflammation in the bowl, to try and achieve remission.
After a few weeks, I went into full remission (I no longer had any symptoms).
But a little while later the symptoms came back as the mesalamine became less effective in controlling them. My Doctor tried me on a short course of Prednisone tablets to suppress the inflammation but prednisone didn’t do its job this time.
I tried to change my diet and lifestyle. Nothing helped though and finally I gave up trying to be normal.
This illness is really hard to live with but my doctor told me I would have to live with this the rest of life.
I suffered from mild symptoms for two years. My condition was at its worst, when I had another colonoscopy to see if there were any changes in the bowel lining.
My doctor put me on Imuran (azathioprine), a drug used to inhibit the immune response. I went into full remission again but this time for a WHOLE 6 months (THE BEST 6 MONTHS IN MY LIFE).


In April 2012, the colitis flared up massively. I lost a lot of weight, had to stay in bed and I was constantly bleeding. My doctor sent me for blood work and the next day I got a call from my doctor saying to drop everything I was doing and to get to the hospital right away because my hemoglobin came back a 4 out of 15 which meant I had 1/4 of the blood in my body. I was being sent immediately for 4 blood transfusions and an emergency colonoscopy. It was very scary. He explained it to me in very plain terms that I should’ve been dead. Had it been a traumatic injury such as a gunshot wound and I bled out that fast, I would’ve died at a 7 hemoglobin. The only reason I got away with it for so long is because I was bleeding out at a slower pace over a 2 month period of time and my body was trying to compensate for it as much as it could.
I was put on 30 mg of prednisone for a month then weaning off 2.5 mg a week along with penatsa “tablets + suppositories ” , Imuran, very high doses of B12 , vitamin D and Calcium due to my very nasty flare. I can’t honestly say I’ve achieved remission on Prednisone because I’ve always had symptoms.
I ended up on prednisone for almost 9 months while trying to find a treatment that worked for me
In June 2013, my colitis flare was out of control. I got a really bad skin reaction from the prednisone My Doctor suggested Remicade (infliximab) and I was very hopeful. I took four infusions but unfortunately Remicade didn’t help me at all.
I ended up staying in hospital for a whole month, recovering from the attack. I was given high-dose steroids through an intravenous drip, but after two weeks I had to stop because they weren’t working. My doctor came and talked me through the next step – having a surgery.
I was so scared of the idea of having surgery and I decided to seek another medical opinion.
My new doctor told me that my case was very complicated and suggested a therapy with Methotrexate along with 40 mg prednisone.


In November 2013, after two weeks on being on Methotrexate, My left leg was very swollen and I couldn’t move.
I went to the ER and I got diagnosed with chronic deep vein thrombosis (one of the most serious complication of the ulcerative colitis)
I was given heparin injections, prescribed compression stocking and was put on blood thinners which caused me severe internal and rectal bleeding more than once.
My recovery was hard, slow and painful (I remember how hard it was for me to go to the toilet.)
Been on blood thinners for over a year and tried another new therapy for my ulcerative colitis but it just kept getting worse.
My acute episode of ulcerative Colitis severely suppressed my health status with considerable weight loss (35 kg) and impaired physical performance.
My Physical examination and lab works showed reduced health state, poor physical condition, poor nutritional state, dyspnea, sour on tongue, abdominal pain, iron deficiency, Helicobacter positive gastritis, latent hyperthyreosis, tear in the lining of the lower rectum etc etc…


My doctors and surgeon are doing everything they can to get me back on track so I can remove my colon and hopefully get back to being sort of normal.

I am currently taking prednisone and weaning off 5 mg a week. Along with the prednisone, I take Prograf, Imuran, Iron infusion weekly, fluids, steroid enemas and the list goes on…

I don’t know what it feels like to have a good day these days. I am constantly cramping whether having a bowel movement or not and using steroids enemas 4 times daily, rectally due to my extreme inflammation.
This disease is literally a pain in my ass, ruining and attacking every part of my body and every aspect of my life. I’m working hard to beat it and I’ll never give up.
Every struggle in my life has shaped me into the person I am today. I am thankful for the hard times, they make me stronger. I’m so thankful for the people in my life who hasn’t given up on me and puts up with me day in and day out.
It’s true you don’t know what you’ve until it’s gone. SO here’s a message to you all. Please never ever take your health for granted. It can be taken away from you in the blink of an eye.

Video updates & new diet plan

So before I start it pains me to say … My laptop is broke! So until it is replaced or fixed I will not be able to post any videos! Sorry guys I know a lot of you were waiting for the home exercises video too! Also… Thank you all so much for your great reviews on my 1st bodybuilding progress video 🙂 many more (hopefully) too come ❤

On a better note … I now have a new diet plan I’m really happy with, thanks to my partner Conor for helping me out massively 🙂 we have made it specifically to my goals…

1. Putting on weight

2. Getting stronger

3. Getting leaner

Number 3. Is something I’ve never really aimed for due to weightlifting before my operation, but now I’m aiming to compete next year, I need to become a lot tighter! It’s going to be hard, this is the 1st time I’ll actually be sticking to a diet plan…


I’ll be eating 5 meals a day, plus 2 protein shakes.. Bringing me to a total of around 2,400 calories a day! I’ll be hitting 30g of protein, 14g of fat and 60g of carbs each meal! Now that I’m back in full swing of training (so to speak) I’m sure it will go hand in hand with my structured diet!

Let the gains begin!!!  ❤


The start of my Bodybuilding journey with an ileostomy

So Im now just over 3 months post total colectomy.. So Ive decided to document my bodybuilding progress along the way! Not only to see myself become stronger but to also show others with Ileostomys that nothing is impossible after surgery. Whatever you put your mind too.. you can do it! 

My goal before surgery was to compete in weightlifting competitions as I mentioned in my last blog, Im not saying I couldn’t do it.. but I just wouldn’t want to take the risk to cause myself a hernia… So Ive decided now to do a bodybuilding competition in 2016! So theses videos will show my development, struggles and workouts along the way!

Im currently around 60-62kg (its always changing due to water intake etc) my aim is to gain atleast 3/4kg by May!

Im struggling to put back on the weight. Im not going to lie, its tough… I use to live on prednisolone which gave me an appetite of a horse… now Im meditation free Ive lost my appetite. Im finding myself forcing it in and just chewing…. not what Im use too!

Anyways heres  my first bodybuilding progress video!  Enjoy! ❤