Video updates & new diet plan

So before I start it pains me to say … My laptop is broke! So until it is replaced or fixed I will not be able to post any videos! Sorry guys I know a lot of you were waiting for the home exercises video too! Also… Thank you all so much for your great reviews on my 1st bodybuilding progress video 🙂 many more (hopefully) too come ❤

On a better note … I now have a new diet plan I’m really happy with, thanks to my partner Conor for helping me out massively 🙂 we have made it specifically to my goals…

1. Putting on weight

2. Getting stronger

3. Getting leaner

Number 3. Is something I’ve never really aimed for due to weightlifting before my operation, but now I’m aiming to compete next year, I need to become a lot tighter! It’s going to be hard, this is the 1st time I’ll actually be sticking to a diet plan…


I’ll be eating 5 meals a day, plus 2 protein shakes.. Bringing me to a total of around 2,400 calories a day! I’ll be hitting 30g of protein, 14g of fat and 60g of carbs each meal! Now that I’m back in full swing of training (so to speak) I’m sure it will go hand in hand with my structured diet!

Let the gains begin!!!  ❤


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