So close now… I must stay focused!

I’m not going to sugar coat it, preparing for a bodybuilding competition Is tough for any normal person.. but when you live with a chronic Illness aswell it’s a nightmare!

It’s been even tougher as I rushed completely into it and decided at 15 weeks out I would enter… most people start preparing 20 weeks out and really I should of done this as its my 1st ever competition ! So for my partner Conor (my coach) Its been a stressful time, especially with my diet plans because of my ileostomy we’ve had to be very picky with food choices… my stoma loves to block! So thank you Conor, and I’m sorry for being a big pain in the butt 😉

But I’m now 25 days out and I’m feeling confident I’ve done my absolute best to achieve the best shape I’ve ever been in!

Post surgery I worked so hard to bulk back up after surgery, I was consuming around 3,000 calories a day it was a struggle to get all my meals in… I don’t know why I was complaining, what I would do for that amount of calories right now Is no ones business !


April (left) Now (right)

Seeing progress pictures really does make my inner pain for dieting happy. Sticking to a strict diet has got to be the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do…. I LOVE MY FOOD! But I have to keep telling myself that the food will still be there after prep  !!

I haven’t done ridiculous amounts of cardio… I’ve only just increased it to 45-60 minutes a day! And that may even be decreased next week as I don’t want to lose my muscle mass I worked hard for on my bulk. I’m also dead against losing piles of weight, for the last 7 weeks I’ve been the same weight… which is GREAT! If you’re knowledgeable when creating nutrition and training plans It Is possible to lose bodyfat % without muscle mass… Its slow and steady but the results are worth it!

Fatigue wise at the moment..struggling, I’m a bag of emotions half the day and even after buckets of black coffee I’m still falling asleep and to add to this my skin from my ostomy bag Is red raw and I just want to itch the bloody thing off!

But I need to keep focused… only 25 days to go! Can’t let anything hold me back now! Its time to show the world that having a chronic illness doesn’t have to stop you from achieving!

I’m so happy to have recently created a Facebook page ‘Zoey Wright- Bodybuilding with IBD’ for fellow suffers/people to follow my journey with bodybuilding. I’m so humbled and grateful from each and everyone’s lovely comments… You have all played a massive part In my motivation & determination to better myself every single day… I really hope I’m doing the same for you 🙂

“Believe and you’ll achieve” ❤

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