Bodybuilding competition with an Ostomy


I woke up at 6:30am completely buzzing, shaking Conor to wake up whilst I was bouncing around the room full of excitement this was the day I had been working for.


(Morning shape for the competition) 

My peak week was pretty tough, full of tears especially during my depleted workouts at the start of the week luckily Conor was there to push me through!

We didn’t do any crazy water loading during peak week, what was the point? I drank 4 litres of water a day anyway! Plus why fix something that isn’t broken? We aimed to get me stage ready 2/3 weeks out and then to just cruise… and that’s exactly what we did, no stress, no last minute ‘miracle methods’

To say I was feeling tired on peak week is an understatement, if I wasn’t training, eating or posing I was In my bed sleeping.

20150927_104054 20150927_153403

(My competition number & my hair which was done by Nikki and her talented team)

But the morning of show I forgot all about the struggles of my prep and just focused on how much work I had put into it, I couldn’t of been any happier with the shape I brought to that stage. I do however have areas I want to improve. Like every bodybuilder there Is always room for improvement. So this offseason with the help of Conor I’ll be changing up my training to achieve theses improvements and I’m already excited to compare Septembers comp pictures to future comp pictures.

My diet on show day was pretty fun I started off with salmon and oat, but then as soon as I got to the venue all I ate was sweets, reeses peanut butter, muffins and cakes all this was for the fast acting sugar to boost my Glycogen levels and flood the muscles with blood, the pumps I were getting before stepping on stage were insane! (I did however get sugar sweats after the show……felt so sick lol) I remember stepping on stage for my Figure category and pulling a tricep pose and thinking my tricep was going to explode!


(Pumping up before hitting the stage)

On the subject of stepping on stage, I really cannot describe the feeling It was just pure adrenaline all the bright lights, the music the crowd… it truly was a breathtaking experience I couldn’t stop smiling at the judges and the crowd, I’m normally a very nervous person but during the whole day leading up to my stage time I was so calm it wasn’t possible to be any calmer….. and I didn’t even drink any alcohol which some competitors do to calm their nerves.
I may have only had 3 supporters in the crowd, by my god they were the loudest there… especially Conor! My biggest fan.


(me and my Mum)

And the ostomy fears & anxiety leading up to the comp well… what even were they!? I totally forgot I even had one on that stage! I even had someone come up to me after my figure routine and ask If I was even wearing it on stage (If I wasn’t can you just image it haha) she didn’t even notice! That comment made me feel on top of the world. I think that’s what made me so emotional (yes I cried like a baby) when my name was called out for 1st place both times, all of my emotion’s I battled leading up to the competition just faded away. Not only did I have to step on stage with a tiny bikini on, but I had to go on with my ostomy in front of 100’s of people, something I never thought would happen after having such a life changing surgery.
I remember having a panic attack a couple days post surgery about what life would hold for me in the future, feeling sorry for myself for weeks before finally kicking my self up the ass and just taking back control.
And even though I’m unable to make the World Championships due to my recent surgery (another blog to follow) I’m still so proud of myself. I didn’t just win 1st place trophies I won the battles I had going on inside my head.


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